Marketing & Sales Courses: Overview

Marketing contains the word “market”. Markets are not abstract curves in a diagram – they are made by people. The entire economy is based on simple acts of one person buying and another person selling. Marketing & Sales is the doctrine of buying and selling. It is a fascinating discipline that combines psychology and economics.

The essence of business is to connect with customers, to create value for customers, and to claim value from customers. While several functions of the firm create value for customers, Marketing & Sales are the key functions that connect with customers and claim value from the customers. This makes Marketing & Sales knowledge the key to any business career.

The Marketing & Sales faculty is committed to our students’ fitness for business, not only for administration. Compared with other curricula, ours offers three key benefits: 1) managerially relevant, up-to-date content, 2) experiential, active learning methods, 3) a choice of modules for pricing and sales, the two most neglected marketing instruments.

The chairs of the WHU-marketing and sales group have carefully aligned the content of our courses in order to offer to our students a consistent and coherent marketing & sales education. 

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