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Welcome to the Marketing and Sales Group, Chair of Digital Marketing. We investigate marketing- and micro-economic oriented questions concerning the Internet and the digitalization of our everyday lives. Particularly, we are interested into innovative pricing concepts, the usage of cloud computing services as well as big data, and the measurement of customers’ utility as well as their willingness-to-pay. 

We are open for new projects with companies, especially on questions concerning the Internet and have continuous interest in doctoral students, who are ambitious to work in a highly motivated team on scientifically exciting and managerially relevant problems. If you are interested please contact us at (


Wednesday, 18. April 2018

New article "Bluffs, Lies, and Consequences: A Reconceptualization of Bluffing in Buyer–Supplier Negotiations" appeared in Journal of Supply Chain Management

Business negotiations constitute a key element of supply chain interactions that can create additional value for both the buyer and supplier. However, negotiations can also render the parties...


Friday, 13. April 2018

Alexandra Chirilov on "Virtual Reality in Market Research" | WHU Inside Business

Alexandra Chirilov, Joint Head of the Global GfK Preference Modelling Hub, is our guest in this episode of WHU Inside Business to talk about business opportunities in market research with Virtual...


Wednesday, 28. March 2018

Workshop on "Design Thinking"

In an innovative “Design Thinking” workshop, Stefan Schröder and Dr. Anna Gerhard from Accenture Strategy presented a very modern and interactive approach to gain practical insights on how to develop...


Wednesday, 28. March 2018

Guest lecture on "Internationalization Strategies"

Jens Rode, CEO of Tellja GmbH, presented today the Dos & Don'ts when going international with a start-up. He showed the advantages Tellja’s referral marketing concept provides as compared to...


Tuesday, 27. March 2018

Guest lecture on "Behavioural Pricing"

Does anyone ever buy the ridiculously expensive suitcase set from Louis Vuitton shops? Rarely, but handbags look cheaper next to it. Would consumers prefer an online shop that charges shipping fees...



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