Chair of Marketing and Commerce

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The Otto Beisheim Endowed Chair of Marketing and Commerce is almost completely financed by the huge engagement of Otto Beisheim, the eponym of WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management since 1989. The closeness of Otto Beisheim, not only to the chair but also to the entire university, enables the realization of the plans and projects of the Chair of Marketing and Commerce.


Objectives of the Team

Professor Dr. Fassnacht and Team stand for a high level of performance within the fields of teaching, research and business transfer.

In the context of our teaching and research assignment at WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management we perma-nently want to secure and extend knowledge and compe-tences in the field of marketing, to establish an important marketing focus at the university on a long term basis.

At the same time, we strive for a leading position in the following areas of competence: Price management, retail marketing, brand management as well as omnichannel business.

Philosophy of the Chair

Our philosophy focuses strongly on the demands and needs of our customers in the fields teaching, research and business transfer.

Our claim is to guarantee a wide and high quality general management education in the field of marketing. We want to fill our students with enthusiasm for the diverse and relevant questions of marketing. The team is very interested in continually improving the teaching and service offerings and is therefore always oriented towards the feedback of the students.

Especially in the field of research we strive for answers regarding science-based, management-relevant questions. Thereby we want to reach a profound competencies development of the team as well as the generation of innovative research impulses for the scientific community. Furthermore, we strive for a sustainable promotion of research in the field of marketing by national and international publications as well as through contributions to scientific conferences.

The transfer of science and business is part of the strategic direction of the chair regarding teaching and research. Our aim is to exploit research-findings for the solution of business problems and to promote the exchange of experiences between both interest groups.

Life at the Chair

Professor Dr. Fassnacht and Team foster an intensive scientific exchange about current research topics. We established a monthly scientific JourFix and discuss current research-statuses in the context of a regular doctoral seminar. Through the participation of internal as well as external doctoral students at this event, versatile feedback can be gathered and the own research can be inspired in the best possible way. At irregular intervals we additionally organize an informal research evening or provide open and direct feedback at short notice.

Besides our activities in research and at the chair, we strengthen the team-cohesion by collective events such as doctoral barbecue as well as sports and other kind of activities in Koblenz and surrounding.

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