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The huge practical importance of sales and business-to-business cannot be disputed. But despite this, Germany’s universities largely offer marketing courses which focus on consumer goods marketing, brand management and consumer behavior. Our team, led by Professor Ove Jensen, is among the very few research teams that are fully dedicated to the sales function.
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Our academic work is focused entirely on sales management.
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Business Engagement
Our Chair cooperates closely with leading firms in various industries.

WHU Campus for Sales

The knowledge platform for sales managers.

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Awards and Accolades – In recognition of excellence in research and teaching

  • Best Paper in Track Award from American Marketing Association (2020 AMA Winter Academic Conference, Simone Kühne, Professor Ove Jensen & Marcel Hering)
  • Best Teacher Award from WHU Master of Science in Management Program (Spring Term 2016)
  • Best Teacher Award from WHU Master of Science in Management Program (Spring Term 2012)
  • Best Teacher Award from WHU Full-time MBA Program (Fall Term 2011)
  • Best Professor from WHU Lehrstuhl für Business to Business Marketing und Vertrieb (Fall Term 2008)
  • Best Paper in Track Award from American Marketing Association (2006 AMA Summer Educators' Conference, Professor Ove Jensen & Christian Hamburg)
  • Best Paper of the Year Award from The Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science (Jagdish N. Sheth Award for the Best Article of 2000, Professor Ove Jensen)

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Alumnae & Alumni


End of doctoral studies: 2015
Title of dissertation: Aufsätze zur Planungsschnittstelle zwischen Vertrieb und Betrieb


End of doctoral studies: 2015
Titel of dissertation: Conceptual Foundations and Case Studies of Salesforce Compensation Plans


End of doctoral studies: 2015
Title of dissertation: Salespeople as Boundary Spanners - Exploring the psychology of the salesperson


End of doctoral studies: 2013
Title of dissertation: Die Adoption quantitativer Methoden zur Ressourcenoptimierung im Vertrieb: Theoretische Grundlagen und Fallstudien

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End of doctoral studies: 2015
Title of dissertation: Finanzielle Nutzenrechnungen im technischen Vertrieb und Marketing: konzeptionelle Grundlagen und Fallstudien


End of doctoral studies: 2014
Title of dissertation: Unprofitable customers in business markets


End of doctoral studies: 2023
Title of dissertation: "Wie können Verkäufer mit ihrem schlechten Image leben? Paradoxe, positive Identitätseffekte eines negatives Images."



End of doctoral studies: 2016
Titel of dissertation: Launching New Products with a Direct Sales Force: A Case Study and Grounded Theory


End of doctoral studies: 2020
Title of dissertation: "Die Arbeit professioneller Einkäufer: Aggression im Namen der Rationalität"


End of doctoral studies: 2013
Title of dissertation: "Vertrieb industrieller Dienstleistungen - Eine Untersuchung organisationaler Strukturen und Fähigkeiten"


Jahr der Promotion: 2019
Titel der Dissertationsschrift: Pipeline-basierte Vertriebssteuerung - Fallstudien und Theorien


End of doctoral studies: 2015
Title of dissertation: FMCG Marketing and sales: Organizing trade marketing, category management, and shopper marketing


End of doctoral studies: 2010
Title of dissertation: Strategische und organisatorische Herausforderungen der internationalen Marktbearbeitung: Konzeptionelle und metaanalytische Synthesen ausgewählter Forschungsfelder



End of doctoral studies: 2018
Title of dissertation: „When to say ‘no’ to a customer – Profit interdependencies in losing business“



End of doctoral studies: 2019
Title of dissertation: "Dual Orientation Research: Collision or Collusion? The Interaction of a
Return-on-Marketing Orientation and a Relationship Marketing Orientation"


End of doctoral studies: 2014
Title of Dissertation: Angebotspreisfindung bei umkämpften Aufträgen - ein entscheidungstheoretisches Modell unter Berücksichtigung von Anbieterheterogenität und Folgeaufträgen

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