Examples of Training Courses and Seminars

Over the last 5 years more than 2,000 managers have attended training courses led by Professor Dr. Jensen. Here is a selection of the most popular in-house training courses:

  • Price management seminar (2-3 days)
  • Key Account Management Academy (10 days)
  • Key Account Management seminar (4 days)
  • Business-to-business sales & marketing seminars (3 days)
  • Sales Management seminar (4 days)

For more information about seminars please check the pages of the WHU Executive Education.

Examples of Lectures and Keynote Speeches

Professor Dr. Jensen is a popular keynote speaker at in-house workshops, sales conferences and customer events. If you would like to plan an event with us, please contact us here. Here is a selection of his lectures from the last 3 years:

Business-to-Business sales and marketing

  • Strategic challenges for industrial marketing and sales
  • Marketing instruments and the economic crisis
  • Focusing on service: Attractive for the customer- also lucrative for us?
  • Business-to business: Where marketing meets Finance
  • Implementation of a system supplier strategy
  • Market launch of new products

Sales management

  • A sales toolbox
  • Challenges in sales management: long runner and new focuses

Price management

  • Pricing as a profit lever
  • Obtaining the right price
  • The purchaser-the unknown entity
  • Sales challenges of high quality suppliers
  • Value selling

Key Account Management, selling

  • Excellent Key Account Management
  • Personal selling
  • Decision making structures and contact management- who’s who for the business
  • Account Management as a process

Customer satisfaction and service management

  • Excellent Customer Satisfaction Measurement and Management
  • Managing market research projects properly