Joint Research Projects and Case Studies

Within the scope of our doctoral theses and the joint research projects with other chairs we currently work on these issues:

I.  Sales and Marketing Strategy

  • Balancing customer orientation and capital market orientation

II. Sales Model (Channels, Organization, Processes)

  • Online sales and revenue models
  • Instruments for increasing the sales efficiency

III. Salesforce Leadership and Salesforce Development

  • How sales executives think about leadership
  • The sales rep entrenched between company and customer
  • Characteristics of successful sales reps
  • Managing expatriation and repatriation

IV. (Key) Account Management

  • Small account management
  • Key Account Management in retailing

V. Price Management

  • Employment of financial value calculations in sales
  • Competitive Bidding: Price-setting for contested contracts
  • Price control and its place in the organization

VI. Customer Relationship and Service Management

  • Interface between sales and logistics activities and actors
  • Interface between sales and technical service activities
  • Capturing a return on services 

These could be options for coorperation:

  • Solving a management problem through an "action research" case study with one of our doctoral students
  • Giving expert interviews
  • Connecting to sales reps in order to conduct surveys
  • Providing data on sales activities and sales performance as well as market research studies for research purposes
  • Supporting print-outs and mailings of questionnaires for our scientific studies