Senior Advisor Circle Sales Management

The Senior Advisor Circle Sales Management is seeking motivated sales personalities from the business community to promote excellence in sales practice throughout Germany. Membership fees are paid to the WHU Foundation, and members form a partner network around the Sales Management Professorship. The activities of the Senior Advisor Circle Sales Management are organized into 4 categories:

  • Internships and diploma theses (Sales Thesis & Experience Program, STEP)
  • Lectures from guest speakers (Sales Executive Lectures & Feedback, SELF)
  • Management conferences (Campus for Sales, autumn conference, CfS)
  • Working group for sales methods (Sales Practice Optimization Round Table, SPORT)

The Senior Advisor Circle Sales Management has three types of membership/target groups:

  • Business members (primarily Business-to-Business, companies with large sales organizations and/or innovative sales channels). The representative is usually the Chief Executive, Division Manager, Chief Executive (Germany) or Head of Sales (Germany) of the company’s main division.
  • Association members (with each sector represented by no more than one association, society or interest group). It is generally the relevant specialist from each association who assumes the role of representative.
  • Individual members (exceptional, active personalities from the sales community)

Candidates for membership can be nominated by the current members. This accession process avoids competitive conflicts with existing members.

Membership in the Senior Advisor Circle Sales Management promises a variety of benefits. If you are interested in becoming a member, please don’t hesitate to contact us (ove.jensen(at)

Activities of Senior Advisor Circle Sales Management

Benefits of Membership