Thursday, 24. March 2011

Special Issue "Customer Management" of the Journal of Business Economics (ZfB)

Customer Management

Professor  Dr. Ove Jensen has published, together with Jun.-Prof. Dr. Oliver Götz and Professor Dr. Manfred Krafft (Marketing Center Münster, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster), the special issue ”Customer Management” of the Journal of Business Economics.

Intensified competition, declining customer loyalty and growing pressure in price negotiations with customers highlight the importance of Customer Management. Firms are facing the challenge of optimizing the return on customer relationships and customer satisfaction.

Against this background, this special issue of the Journal of Business Economics (ZfB) investigates quantitative approaches to analyzing customers’ choice behavior in mass customization systems, realization of cross-selling potential by management of customer-initiated contacts, aspects of complaint management and strategies of abandoning unprofitable customers.