Research at WHU

Excellence in research is one of the basic elements at WHU. The high priority of this is a natural progression of our mission statement. Particular emphasis is placed on the independence of research activities and we aim to create high-quality research results and contributions to science by   

  • attracting and developing high-quality researchers
  • combining academic rigor with practical relevance
  • creating a stimulating intellectual and international environment

At present, 33 professors are conducting research at WHU, all of whom have made a name for themselves in the academic world through numerous research projects here and abroad.

We also place great emphasis on the promotion of young academics. At WHU’s chairs and Centers, there are 18 assistant professors and about 260 doctoral students, all of whom greatly enrich the research capabilities of our school.

The high level of research capability at our university is the result of adherence to three key research principles: Quality, Internationality, Practical and Academic Relevance. Our consistent long-term focus on independent top-quality research has paid off: WHU is one of the most noted German research institutions in the area of business studies today and is on the edge of becoming one of the leading European research institutions.