WHU Research Seminar

The WHU Research Seminar is an integral part of the research at WHU. The participants will be acquainted with current research from various disciplines in business and economics through academic presentations, critical reflection and discussions.

Researchers from WHU and other universities present their recent research and discuss it with the audience, ranging from problem descriptions to models, preliminary solutions and final results. The recommendations that come out of the discussions assist the researchers in their work and give impulses for the doctoral students’ own research activities with respect to content as well as methodology.

Research Seminar in Finance and Accounting 2018

Speaker Topic Date
Paul Smeets
Associate Professor in Finance, Maastricht University
Let’s Invite the Women Women Reduce Overconfidence in Groups 23.01.2018
Amedeo De Cesari
University of Manchester
Employment Protection and Share Repurchases: Evidence from Wrongful Discharge Laws 06.02.2018
David Florysiak
Southern DK
An Autopsy of a Total Stock Market Failure 13.03.2018
Prof. Dr. Markku Kaustia
Aalto University
Hidden Investment Beliefs 20.03.2018