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Researching international business along the Asia-Europe axis.

Our mission is to conduct leading international business research along the Asia-Europe axis, and to make research findings available for the academic community, practitioners, and students.

Our objective is to become a focal point in Europe for research on internationalization towards Asia, internationalization of emerging firms from Asia, and Asia as a global supply market.

Our prime focus is academic research, with the aim of contributing to the global scientific debate on Asia-related business topics. We also thrive to transfer research findings into management practice through high-impact practitioner publications, Executive Education programs, and conferences, and to base our teaching solidly on the most current scientific findings.

Our team

Chair of Business Negotiations & Procurement I
Chair of Business Negotiations & Procurement I
Professor Lutz Kaufmann
Chair of Business Negotiations & Procurement II
Chair of Business Negotiations & Procurement II
Professor Felix Reimann
Our publications –
Selected articles, books, and papers of the Asia Center.


To view the entire list of publications, you can download the PDF here:

China Hub

WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management has been home to many Chinese researchers and students and has maintained strong partnerships in China for decades. In early 2020, WHU established the China Hub, with Assistant Professor Jiachun Lu as the academic director since then. Professor Michael Frenkel, Academic Director of International Programs and Relations, offers guidance in the development of the China Hub.

Among others, the China Hub successfully launched and continues to maintain the school's full-fledged Chinese website, which stands as one of the rare few owned by top European business schools. Activities of the China Hub in the foreseeable future include the launch of the school's official WeChat account and the establishment of a WHU Shanghai Office. Overall, the China Hub aims to help increase WHU's visibility in China, foster collaboration between WHU and academic and corporate partners in the country, and build stronger networks with alumni and prospective students in the rapidly growing Chinese education sector.

See here for a news report on the WHU China Hub.

WHU Asia Connect

WHU Asia Connect is a student club at WHU that seeks to make knowledge and competencies regarding Asian economies, business environments, and culture more accessible to the WHU community. To achieve this goal, WHU Asia Connect provides informational resources and organizes intercultural learning and exchange events. Monthly newsletters feature the latest economic, cultural, socio-demographical, and political news from different geographical regions in Asia and inform about upcoming events.

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