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Logistics has become a key enabler in today's global trade. And while today's value creation networks exploit to the extent possible local business advantages, the challenges that come with these dispersed structures have grown substantially over the last ten years.

About us

Recognizing this trend, the WHU founded the Institute for Logistics Management. The objectives of the intitute are to generate new insights for the management of logistics and to disseminate this state-of-the-art knowledge into the research and business community. To this end, we conduct high quality and internationally visible research, which is analytical, conceptual, or empirical in nature.

Further, we provide specialized courses and lectures at various educational levels (BSc, MSc, MBA, Executive Education) and organize conferences for the business community and students in the area of logistics and supply chain management.

Current research projects are dedicated to the following areas:

  • management of logistics services
  • management of vertical and horizontal cooperation
  • logistics and supply chain controlling
  • sustainability in supply chains
  • risk management in supply chains
  • real options based supply chain modeling

Chairs of the Institute

The Institute comprises the two Logistics Chairs at WHU and currently approx. 20 Doctoral students:

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