Doctoral Program

Our research provides applicable management innovations, which are developed on a solid scientific basis. Our research focuses are, besides others, management quality, industrial excellence, real options valuation, management of risk in new product development and global supply chain management as well as cooperation between retailers and manufacturers of branded products. We emphasize the importance of being present in international research. At the same time, we maintain close contacts to retailing and industry to ensure applicability.

Our doctoral program provides the environment to write an excellent dissertation on an internationally competitive level. We value team spirit and cultivate an open and constructive atmosphere. Consequently, you are not on your own when doing research and you will proceed faster and on a higher level of academic excellence. We complement the doctoral course program offered by WHU, with a term abroad in the PhD program of a leading US university. In the last years, our students were at Stanford and the Kellogg School of Management of the Northwestern University. In addition, you have the opportunity to present your advancements at our internal colloquium, thus continuously getting feedback from the people around you. You are closely supervised  through regular research discussion.

Focus of your work is your dissertation project. In addition, you have the opportunity to gather experience as the program manager of an industry project as for example the “Best Factory Award”. Ideally, you finish your dissertation project within 2 years and with 3 papers (max. 3 years).

A doctoral degree in Production Management / Supply Chain Management will boost your career, whether you go into academia or business. Alumni of our program are today e.g. Professor at a international Business School, General Manager and Managing Partner of international companies, founder or Managing Partner of a online-company or Director/Partner at international strategy consulting companies.

Study Abroad

Our docotral students studied one term at these leading US universities.