The team of the Chair of Production Management deals with a number of different research topics wihtin the scope of doctoral theses and externally funded research projects.

Management-Quality for Industrial Excellence

  • Top-down and Bottom-up Strategy Formation and Deployment
  • Fair Process Leadership
  • Employee Engagement


  • Returns Management in e-Commerce
  • Secondary Markets

Global Supply Chain Management and R&D Management

  • The Impact of Tariffs on Global Supply Chain Strategies
  • Variable Tact for Mixed-Model Assembly Lines
  • Industrie 4.0
  • Outsorcing and Offshoring R&D

    OM-Marketing Interface

    • Dynamic Pricing with Returns
    • Promotional Demand Forecasting
    • Demand Forecasting of Seasonal Products
    • Customer Reactivation & Retention Management

    OM-Finance Interface

    • Real Options Analysis
    • Supply Chain Finance
    • Natural Hedging
    • Blockchain Technology