Dissertations containing (soon to be) submittetd papers are "unpublished" to avoid criticism of self-plagiarism.

Dr. Dmitry Smirnov

Prescriptive Analytics in Retailing

Application in Shel-Space Optimization, Labor Planning, and Retention Management

  • unpublished Dissertation, 2018

Dr. Dominic A. Seeberger

Profiting From Product Returns: Perspectives on Retun Policies, Consumer Reviews, and Salvaging Portfolios

  • unpublished Dissertation, 2018

Dr. Verena Höllriegl

Customer Reactivation Management in the Pharmacy Market: Resource-efficient Implementation of Direct Marketing

Campaigns for Long-term Profit Maximization

  • unpublished Dissertation, 2017

Dr. Felix Röllecke

Return Chain Management: Salvaging Returns Optimally and Influencing Customers to Shop Effectively

  • unpublished Dissertation, 2017

Dr. Marc Steuber

Global Production Soucing

A Benchmark Study on Manager's Strategic Decisions

  • unpublished Dissertation, 2016

Dr. Christoph Diermann

Judgmental Demand Forecasting in Direct Sales

  • unpublished Dissertation, 2016

Dr. Rita Maria Difrancesco

Returns Management in Online Business: Effects of Late Returns, Restocking Fee Legislation and Multichannel Competition

  • unpublished Dissertation, 2015

Dr. Marius Häntsch

Strategic Capacity Planning under Risk in the Automotive Industry

  • unpublished Dissertation, 2014

Dr. Michael Schmälzle

Improving Promotional Demand Forecasts in Retailing

  • unpublished Dissertation, 2014

Prof. Dr. Lima Zhao

The Interface of Operations and Finance in Global Supply Chains

  • unpublished Dissertation, 2014

Dr. Maik Schlickel

Strategy Deployment in Business Units: Patterns of Operations Strategy Cascading Across Global Sites in a Manufacturing Firm

  • Springer Verlag, 2013


Dr. Benoît Chevalier-Roignant

Investment under Market and Strategic Uncertainty

  • unpublished Dissertation, 2011

Dr. Andreas Breiter

Hedging Retail Promotions: Zero Out-of-Stock and Zero End-of-Period Coverage with Supply Options

  • unpublished Dissertation, 2010

Dr. Daniela Wiehenbrauk

Collaborative Promotions: Optimizing Retail Supply Chains with Upstream Information Sharing

  • Springer Verlag, 2010


Dr. Michaela Pfleger

Relational Supply Contracts: Optimal Concessions in Return Policies for Continuous Quality Improvements

  • Springer Verlag, 2010


Prof. Dr. Fabian Sting

Flexible Sourcing: Operational Hedging, Diversification and Contracting under Supply and Demand Uncertainty

  • unpublished Dissertation, 2008

Dr. Christian Artmann

The Value of Information Updating in New Product Development

  • Springer Verlag, 2009


Dr. Rainer Brosch

Portfolios of Real Options

  • Springer Verlag, 2008


Dr. Rolf Hellermann

Capacity Options for Revenue Management: Theory and Applications in the Air Cargo Industry

  • Springer Verlag, 2006


Dr. Andreas Enders

Management Competence: Resource-Based Management and Plant Performance

  • Springer Verlag, 2004


Prof. Dr. Stefan Spinler

Capacity Reservation for Capital-intensive Technologies: An Options Approach

  • Springer Verlag, 2003


Prof. Dr. Jürgen Mihm

Complexity in New Product Development: Mastering the Dynamics of Engineering Projects

  • Deutscher Universitätsverlag, Wiesbaden: Gabler, 2003


Dr. Andreas Cornet

Plattformkonzepte in der Automobilentwicklung

  • Deutscher Universitätsverlag, Wiesbaden: Gabler, 2002


Global Supply Chain Performance and Risk Optimization: The Value of Real Options Flexibility Demonstrated in the Global Automotive Industry

  • Deutscher Universitätsverlag, Wiesbaden: Gabler, 2002


Store Performance Optimization: Demand and supply side implications

  • Deutscher Universitätsverlag, Wiesbaden: Gabler, 2002


Dr. Julia Freiheit

Smart Customers and Retail Promotions: Empirical evidence and supply chain implications

  • Deutscher Universitätsverlag, Wiesbaden: Gabler, 2001


Dr. Randolf Scheller

Performance of Corporate Acquisitions over the Medium Term in Germany

  • Deutscher Universitätsverlag, Wiesbaden: Gabler, 1999


Modular Machine Tools: Bundling and Pricing Strategies under Demand Uncertainty

  • Deutscher Universitätsverlag, Wiesbaden: Gabler, 1997


Option and Component Bundling under Demand Risk

  • Deutscher Universitätsverlag, Wiesbaden: Gabler, 1996