Campus Car

In Spring 2010, Gunnar Froh and Prof. Dr. Arnd Huchzermeier founded the company Campus Car. In addition to 3 Daimler Smarts, a 1 Series BMW could also be rented from WHU students 7/24.

The company was supported by numerous sponsors, including the Neuwied Zoo. In return, for example, the rear of two Smart vehicles was covered with advertising and the image of a tiger's head with foil. The costs for the rental were about 8€/h and were therefore far cheaper than taxi, comparable rental offers or even public transport and traffic.

Nevertheless, the business had to be discontinued after 3 years due to a lack of demand and thus low capacity utilization.

In 2013, Gunnar Froh founded the company Wunder Mobility in the city of Hamburg. Wunder’s product ecosystem helps startups, corporates and cities around the globe launch and scale shared mobility services.

In 2019, Wunder Mobility closed a $60 million round to expand its urban transport platform in the U.S..