Supply Chain Finance (SCF)

SCF Excellence Seminar

WHU Executive Education for Corporates, Treasurers and Trade Finance Professionals

This exclusive Supply Chain Finance seminar proposes a 'holistic‘, i.e., integrative approach towards Supply Chain Management, Trade Finance and Risk Management.

Performance management and risk mitigation strategies for both the firm’s physical and financial chain are covered.

A new mindset on the interface of operations and finance is developed to enhance companies’ business strategy deployment and sustainable development of all members of the extended supply chain.


  • Trade Finance, Working Capital & Risk Optimization
  • A New Mindset on Ecosystem of Supply and Finance Chains
  • State-of-the-Art Knowledge of SCF
  • Corporates, Treasures and Trade Finance Experts Create Value for Growth
  • Linking SCF to the Megatrend of Supply Chain Digitalization

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