Center for Responsible Leadership –

Unlocking the potential of good leadership.

About us

Combining the theory and practice of responsible leadership.

The center aims at the integration of three components:

  • The will to lead
  • The skill to lead 
  • The integrity to lead

Leaders must understand their own values (what’s important to them) and their role in other people’s lives (what’s important to others), in order to lead with integrity. Such an understanding of the meaning and the objectives of leadership is the basis for an individual to lead others, for successful application of management skills and an active acquisition of social responsibility, both within and outside the company. For this reason, the Center for Responsible Leadership combines topics of leadership, business ethics, and social responsibility.

What we do

Education at the intersection of leadership, business ethics, and corporate social responsibility

Our activities have been developed over the course of the past years in the WHU Post-Experience-Programs (MBA, EMBA, Executive Education):

  • Curriculum Design
  • Self-Reflective Personal Growth Workshops
  • Personality Assessments
  • Team-Development & Outdoor Teambuilding
  • 360° Feedback
  • Personal Growth & Leadership Coaching
  • Field Excursions to Emerging Markets
  • Business Simulations
  • Leadership Communication

The Center for Responsible Leadership Team:

Professor Dr.
Jürgen Weigand

Academic Director
Professor of Economics
+49 (0)261 6509 270
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Professor Dr.
Miriam Müthel

Chair of Organizational Behavior
+49 (0)211 44709 310
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Curriculum Vitae

Daniel Weninger, M.A., MBA

Lecturer & Coach for Personal Growth & Team Development
+49 (0)261 6509 873
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Guest Lecturers

Karsten Drath

Managing Director,
Leadership Choices & Executive Coach
+49-(0)69-9750 3434
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Professor Dr.
Martin Högl

Professor of Leadership & Human Resource Management, LMU Munich
+49 (0) 89/2180-72026
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Severin Hoensbroech

+49 (0)177 2678336
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Professor Dr.
John Kerrick

Professor of Business Execution,
Hult International Business School & Professional Coach
Curriculum Vitae

Thomas Kraus

Chairman of Management TNT Express Deutschland
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Daniel Weninger, M.A., MBA
Lecturer & Coach for Personal Growth & Team Development

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