M.Sc. Gerrit McGowan
Chair of Entrepreneurship I

Managing Director, Entrepreneurship Center

+49 (0)172 3177061

Research focus

  • Entrepreneurial Methods & Lean Startups
  • Optimal Perforamnce, Well-Being, and Flow
  • Startup Acceleration & Incubation
  • Entrepreneurial Ecosystems


  • Managing Director, WHU Entrepreneurship Center
  • Mentor at Techstars & Alchemist Accelerator
  • Founding Director of ICELab@Western
  • Founder of Effectuate Ventures, LLC
  • Founder/CEO of Kula.com
  • Founder of Kula Foundation
  • Advisor at United Nations Development Programme
  • Principal at EcoPlan International, Inc
  • Founder of Syntegrity Consulting Group, Ltd
  • Doctoral (candidate), WHU Chair in Entrepreneurship and New Business Development
  • Master of Science, University of British Columbia
  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Colorado-Boulder

Conferences and lectures

  • Community Builders Leadership Institute (2016) Fostering Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in Mountain Resort Communities
  • Economic Development Council of Colorado’s Regional Economic Development Forum (2016) Millennials and the Future of Work on Colorado’s Western Slope
  • Travel Executive Summit (2012) The Cause Marketing Gold Mine of Unredeemed Loyalty Currency 
  • Loyalty Expo (2012) Transforming Unwanted Points into A Currency for Giving
  • University of Colorado Collaborative Action for Sustainability Speaker Series (2012) Democratizing Charitable Giving through Brand Loyalty
  • Strategy for Good Summit (2011) Democratize Corporate Giving Through Cause-Related Loyalty Marketing
  • APEC High Level Meeting on Driving SME Growth & Local Development (2008) Better Local Governance for SME Growth: Local Economic Development and The Role of Local Government
  • Simon Fraser University Community Economic Development Programme (2007) Strategic Planning for Local Economic Development
  • UN-Habitat World Urban Forum 3 (2006) Synergies & Opportunities in Enhancing Effectiveness for Local Economic Development
  • Native Education College (2006) Cultural Ecotourism Planning in British Columbia's First Nation Communities