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Updates on the financing rounds, exits, takeovers, and stock market activities
of WHU founders

WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management provides a solid and comprehensive entrepreneurial ecosystem. Both currently enrolled students as well as alumni have founded hundreds of start-ups - some of which, including Zalando, Flixbus, and Hello Fresh, have already obtained “unicorn” status with a market value of over US$1M. All that entrepreneurial activity shows no signs of stopping. In fact, in relation to the size of its student body, WHU is the strongest business school in Germany when it comes to entrepreneurship.

The WHU Start-ups Investment Reports outline how the start-ups founded by WHU students and alumni have developed over the course of the previous three months. This includes details on which founders have opted to sell their companies, which have their targets set on entering the stock market, and which have successfully completed funding rounds, the sum of funds secured also disclosed.

Below you’ll find a list of all previous WHU Start-ups Investment Reports. A new report is issued every quarter. Stay up to date to get an impression of how lively and diverse the entrepreneurial ecosystem at WHU is!

WHU Start-ups Investment Reports:



If you miss any information in these reports or can provide additional data, please contact us.

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