The WHU Innovation Ecoystem Hub

We connect science and practice on innovation ecosystems by generating novel insights, offering alternative tools and methodologies and conducting data-driven research.


We generate novel and provocative insights on innovation ecosystems. We communicate these insights via our blog, events, and our LinkedIn page.



We offer novel tools and methodologies (e.g. LEGO(c) Serious Play, business wargaming) to help organizations build and manage their innovation ecosystem.



We conduct scientific research to provide a data-based foundation for generating insights and engaging with organizations.


Our team

Maxim Mommerency

Research Assistant at WHU

Julian Fieres

Research Assistant at WHU

Hervé Kubwimana

Research Assistant at WHU

Maximilian Weinhold

Research Assistant at WHU

Anna-Lena Höcker

Founder of design. create. innovate!


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How to find us:

WHU – Otto Beisheim
School of Management

Building W
D'Esterstraße 11
D-56179 Vallendar
+49 261 6509 - 235

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