Olympic Games –

To host or not to host?

The venue for mega sports-events, such as the Olympic Games, is discussed intensively not only in the media. Within this debate,  opportunities and risks for the host country are assessed ambivalently. An analysis of different perspectives is provided by the study "To host or not to host the Olympics - A transnational perspective" conducted by the CSM team.

"We hope that the findings from this survey will constructively fuel the debate about the hosting of sport mega-events."

As part of the research study "To host or not to host the Olympics - A transnational perspective" more than 12,000 citizens in eleven European countries and the USA were interviewed about the organization of the Olympics in their home country. The aim of the study was to critically question the opportunities and risks involved in hosting a sports mega event. The study was carried out by the CSM-Team of WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management. Country profiles as well as the analysis of supporters, undecided, and opponents of an Olympic orientation disclose relevant information for decision-makers in sports, business, and society. With the help of independent, transnational perspectives, the study develops concrete approaches for the mobilization of population.

CAMP BECKENBAUER Research Report: "To host or not to host the Olympics"