Professional Football 2025 –

A Delphi Szenario.

With the help of a new "real-time" version of the Delphi method, which was already used by US military personnel in the 1960s for forecasting purposes, a total of 62 experts from sports, business and society evaluated and commented on thirteen changes in the professional football sector in 2025 regarding their probability of entryImpact and desirability. The following questions had been in the center of attention for this study (as of 2014):

  1. How is digitization of the marketing of professional football progressing until 2025 - is the stadium experience of the future virtual?
  2. How does the league develop its sense of consignment by 2025 - will the rights continue to be sold to TV stations, or is the DFL setting up its own TV channel?
  3. How do the professional clubs fulfill their social responsibilities in 2025 - does each association have a code for socially acceptable behavior?
  4. Who do the professional clubs belong to in 2025 - do major investors and groupings take the helm or do the 50 + 1 rule persist?
  5. How does the sporting balance between the professional clubs change until 2025 - does the Bundesliga remain the most balanced league in Europe?
  6. Is the stadium experience safe in the year 2025 - which measures solve the problem "violence in the stadium" most likely?
  7. What does a football game look like in 2025 - have the rules of the game changed?
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