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About us

The Allianz Endowed Chair of Finance was established in 1988. Our research and teaching focus on capital market theory and financial intermediaries. 

In addition to our commitment to research and teaching, we are involved in several other activities. From the executive education program WHU on Finance in Frankfurt, to the Campus for Finance – WHU New Year's Conference, and our collaboration with the WHU Finance Society, the chair engages extensively with the wider finance community.

Research and Publications

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Here you can find the courses of the Allianz Endowed Chair of Finance, information on bachelor and master theses and the contact persons for various topics.

  • Bank Management
    Professor Dr. Axel Wieandt
    Teaching Assistant: n.a.
  • Financial Modeling with Excel
    Julian Kriesten
    Teaching Assistant: n.a.
  • Foundations of Finance
    Professor Dr. Markus Rudolf and Dr. Katrin Baedorf
    Teaching Assistant: Diep Tran

If you are a student and would like to write your bachelor thesis at the Allianz Endowed Chair of Finance, please read the information provided in the documents below. Should you have further specific questions, please contact Julian Kriesten.

  • Asset Management
    Prof. Dr. Hartmut Leser
    Ansprechpartner: Marek Becker
  • Capital Market Theory
    Prof. Dr. Markus Rudolf
    Ansprechpartner: n.a.
  • European Banking and the Financial Crisis
    Prof. Dr. Axel Wieandt
    Ansprechpartner: n.a.
  • Financial Modeling with Excel
    Julian Kriesten
    Ansprechpartner: Julian Kriesten

Sie möchten Ihre Masterarbeit am Allianz Stiftungslehrstuhl für Finanzwirtschaft schreiben? Bitte setzen Sie sich mit Julian Kriesten in Verbindung. Informationen und Themenvorschläge finden Sie auch in den folgenden Dateien:

  • Managerial Finance
    Professor Dr. Markus Rudolf and Dr. Katrin Baedorf
    Teaching Assistant: Meltem Maler

1) Letters of Recommendation can only be issued if the following requirements are fulfilled: The student (1) has a current average grade of 1.5 or better and (2) has completed a module of Professor Dr. Markus Rudolf and received a grade of 1.3 or better. Please note that the processing of a request can take some time. Thank you for your understanding.


Get to know our team.


Professor Dr. Markus Rudolf

+49 (0)261 6509 421
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Personal Assistants

Marianne Diel

Personal Assistant to the Dean

+49 (0)261 6509 421
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Kirsten Schmitz

Personal Assistant

+49 (0)261 6509 391
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Honorary Professors

Professor Dr. Paul Achleitner

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Professor Dr. Hartmut Leser

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Professor Dr. Axel Wieandt

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Research Assistants

Konstantin Ignatov

Research Assistant

+49 (0)261 6509 398
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Julian Kriesten

Research Assistant

+49 (0)261 6509 394
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Meltem Maler

Research Assistant

+49 (0)261 6509 395
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Diep Tran

Research Assistant

+49 (0)261 6509 426
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Marek Becker

Research Assistant

+49 (0)261 6509 424
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  • Dr. Michael Adams
  • Nabil Alkafri
  • Dr. Janis Back
  • Dr. Katrin Baedorf
  • Dr. Miriam Begtasevic
  • Dr. Mareen Benk
  • Dr. Valeria Biurrun
  • Dr. Michael Borß
  • Tobias Burggraf
  • Dr. Ralf Conen
  • Dr. Christopher Daniel
  • Dr. Alexander Deneke
  • Dr. Marius Iven Dethleffsen
  • Dr. Astrid Eisenberg
  • Dr. Marc Engelbrecht
  • Dr. Nils Ernst
  • Matthias Feldhues
  • Dr. Johannes Frankenfeld
  • Dr. Frank Guse
  • Dr. Matthias Held
  • Dr. Benedikt Himbert
  • Dr. Carsten Horn
  • Markus Hüren
  • Samah Ibrahim
  • Dr. Matthias Jäkel
  • Juniorprofessor Dr. Julia Kapraun
  • Prof. Dr. Karl-Ludwig Keiber
  • Dr. Joachim Koch
  • Dr. Ilja Konoplev
  • Dr. André Kronimus
  • Dr. Tim Krume
  • Dr. Friedrich Kruse
  • Dr. Ruth Kümmerle
  • Dr. Alex Kusen
  • Dr. Marc-Olivier Lücke
  • Dr. René Maler
  • Dr. Benjamin Meiers
  • Dr. Detlef Mertens
  • Dr. Sebastian Mönninghoff
  • Prof. Dr. Matthias Muck
  • Dr. Jörg Niebergall
  • Dr. Marcel Omachel
  • Dr. Christoph Pavel
  • Quynh Pham
  • Dr. Sören Pippart
  • Dr. Holger Sachse
  • Dr. Ulrich Schacht
  • Dr. Jan Peter Schmütsch
  • Dr. Sebastian Seidens
  • Dr. Volker Seiler
  • Dr. Konstantin Storms
  • Dr. Danny Stutz
  • Sina Timm
  • Dr. Valentin Ulrici
  • Dr. Marco Vietor
  • Dr. Marc Wierzbitzki
  • Dr. Sabine Winkler
  • Dr. Kai Winselmann
  • Dr. Christian Zaum
  • Dr. Daniel Zipser
  • Dr. Karl-Georg Altenburg
  • Professor Gunter Dufey, PhD
    Emeritus at University of Michigan
  • Stephan Gemkow
    Board of Directors
  • Christian U. Haas
    PTV Group
  • Martin Korbmacher
    Managing Associate 
    Event Horizon Capital & Advisory GmbH
  • Rudolf Matter
  • Dr. Thorsten Reitmeyer
    Senior Partner
    BLC Berg Lund & Company
  • Professor Dr. Markus Rudolf
    Chairholder Allianz Endowed Chair of Finance
    WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management
  • Stephan Johannes Theissing
    Chairman of the Advisory Board
    ​​​​​​​Allianz SE
  • Johannes Züll
    Chairman of the Management Board
    Studio Hamburg Gruppe
WHU Campus for Finance

WHU Campus for Finance is a succesful and professional student initiative founded in 1999 in cooperation with the Allianz Endowed Chair of Finance.

Working under the motto "Uniting the World of Finance", financial experts, business representatives, and students exchange ideas in a series of lectures, panel discussions, and workshops.

WHU Campus for Finance

WHU Finance Society

WHU Finance Society is the student finance club of WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management. With more than 500 members and as WHU’s oldest student association, WHU Finance Society has created a platform of exchange for ambitious students who are interested in finance. 

The Allianz Endowed Chair of Finance has supported WHU Finance Society for many years.

WHU Finance Society


Allianz Endowed Chair of Finance –
Keep up with the latest events and activities.

The Allianz Endowed Chair of Finance and the Center of Asset and Wealth Management are pleased to announce that a team of five students will represent WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management in the CFA Institute Research Challenge 2020/2021.

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Harm Ohlmeyer, CFO of adidas, joined our "Capital Market Theory" class

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Professor Dr. Markus Rudolf presents his insights at the Koblenz Weeks of Democracy

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We are pleased to announce that our doctoral student Quynh Pham has achieved an excellent 2nd place at the ACATIS-Value-Prize 2020 with her paper “Stock Return Predictability: Evidence Across US Industries”. This is the second consecutive year that a paper from Allianz Endowed Chair of Finance wins…

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