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Household finance deals with the financial decisions of individuals. Do households participate in the stock market and thereby benefit from the equity risk premium? Are the portfolios of individual investors sufficiently diversified? Do individual investors trade too much, too little, or about right? Does the investment behavior of women and men differ? Unfortunately, individuals sometimes take financial decisions that are harmful to their wealth. Therefore, household finance also deals with potential ways to improve individuals’ decision-making. How does financial advice impact individual investors? Can new regulations improve the situation of households? How does financial technology (FinTech) impact the decision-making of individual investors? Thereby, household finance is equally relevant for researchers, policymakers, financial institutions, and the broader public. The Chair of Household Finance focuses on these topics in its research and teaching.


A new article elaborates on how inflation in the distant past can matter for today.

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A new WHU Knowledge article elaborates on how a ban on inducements affects financial advice.

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Prof. Nic Schaub talks about the role of financial advice for individuals in light of new regulations.

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Prof. Nic Schaub and colleagues secure DFG and SNSF funding for research on the role of financial advice

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  • Financial Valuation (3rd semester)
  • Asset Management (4th or 5th semester)
  • Bachelor theses
  • Household Finance (2nd semester)
  • Master theses
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