Honorary Professor
Professor Dr. Jürgen Ringbeck

Professor Dr. Jürgen Ringbeck has been an honorary professor at WHU since 2014. Previously, he had been a guest lecturer at WHU since 2012. 

Professor Dr. Ringbeck teaches courses on various key management topics. He is active in the Master of Science Program with a course on Transportation Management and in the MBA Program with a course on Consulting Management. He also teaches strategic management of digitalization as part of the Executive Education Program. Professor Dr. Ringbeck has been publishing on management topics in renowned national and international journals for many years. He makes important contributions at important international conferences and is actively involved in supervising doctoral and master candidates in selected research topics.

After completing his doctorate at the University of Osnabrück in 1985, he initially worked as a university assistant at the University of Osnabrück and as a visiting professor at the University of Toronto. He received the prestigious Honorable Mention Award from the Marketing Science Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and the World University Service Government of Canada Award for his dissertation.

From 1988 to 2014, Professor Dr. Ringbeck worked as a management consultant for leading international management consultancies. After an initial career as a partner at McKinsey & Company in Düsseldorf, he assumed global management responsibility for the transport sector at Booz Allen Hamilton (since 2008 Booz & Company) and was a member of the Global Board of Directors. During his long career as a consultant, he made significant contributions to the strategic transformation of the world's leading transport and logistics companies and assisted governments in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East in the strategic (de-)regulation and sustainable development of the sector. In addition, Professor Dr. Ringbeck can look back on many years of commitment as Strategic Advisor of the World Economic Forum and the UN WTO (World Tourism Organization).

As founder and CEO of Ricon GmbH, Professor Dr. Ringbeck has been an active investor and advisory board member of innovative, young companies since 2014.