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Teaching and courses –

Developing responsible leaders.

Critical Thinking

We recognize that critical thinking and the development of the student’s personality are key to developing responsible leaders.

Student-Centered Teaching

Our courses are highly interactive and enhanced by case studies and guest lectures by experts from business. 

Best-Selling Textbook

"Einführung in das Controlling" and the accompanying workbook outline the basic principles of controlling.

Study with the IMC –
Teaching is a key part of what we do.

Our aim is to equip students with the knowledge and the skills they need to become responsible future leaders in the finance function. To this end we: 

  • take a behavioral and social science perspective
  • encourage critical thinking 
  • promote a broad, integrative perspective across silos and functions.
Our courses

We offer courses in controlling, strategy execution, and problem-solving across all WHU programs. See the WHU Online Course Guide for more information. 

Introduction to Business Administration (Professor Utz Schäffer), 1. sem.
3 ECTS, German / English

Management Accounting (Assistant Professor Daniel Schaupp), 3. sem.
3 ECTS, English

Management Control (Professor Marko Reimer), 3. sem.
3 ECTS, English

Structured Problem Solving (Professor Utz Schäffer), 4./5. sem.
6 ECTS, English

The CFO - Roles, Career Paths, and Impact on Firm Outcomes (Professor Marko Reimer), 4./5. sem.
3 ECTS, English

Finance Function Challenges – A CFO’s Perspective (Honorary Professor Edgar Ernst), 4./5. sem.
3 ECTS, German

Case Studies in Management Accounting and Control (Professor Marko Reimer), 6. sem.
3 ECTS, English

Advanced Management Accounting and Control (Professor Utz Schäffer)
5 ECTS, English

Strategy Execution (Professor Utz Schäffer)
5 ECTS, English

Advanced Controlling (Professor Marko Reimer)
3 ECTS, English

International Strategy (Professor Lukas Löhlein)
5 ECTS, English

Strategy Execution (Professor Utz Schäffer)
3 ECTS, English (full-time, part-time, and online)

Research Seminar: Introduction to Management Control Research (Professor Utz Schäffer and Professor Marko Reimer)
3 ECTS, English

Research Seminar: Digitalization and Management Accounting (Professor Utz Schäffer and Professor Marko Reimer)
3 ECTS, English

Research Ethics and Purpose (Professor Lukas Löhlein)
3 ECTS, English


Writing a thesis requires the candidates to work independently and with academic rigor. If you are interested in writing your thesis at the IMC, please contact Sebastian Ebert.

    Senior Student Affairs Manager

    Jan Sebastian Ebert

    +49 (0)261 6509 462
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    Teaching cases

    The IMC has developed the following teaching cases that are available upon request:

    • Deutsche Telekom AG: Campus for Planning (A) & (B)
    • Pope Francis: Driving Strategic Renewal in the Catholic Church
    • Managing the Centralization Versus Decentralization Trade-off: The Roman Catholic Church Under Pope Francis
    • Business Intelligence at Bayer: Enhancing Management Decision-Making and Empowering Controlling
    • Lean Planning at RWE (A) & (B)

    Please contact Sebastian Ebert for more information. 


      Textbooks on Controlling –
      Covering the basics through to advanced practices.

      Five well-established textbooks support our own teaching and make our thinking available to a broader student audience. Our flagship volume – "Einführung in das Controlling" (Introduction to Controlling) – is the best-selling German-language textbook on controlling. It has an accompanying workbook – "Einführung in das Controlling: Übungen und Fallstudien mit Lösungen" – with exercises and case studies. The textbook has been translated into Polish, Chinese, Russian, and parts of it into English.