The Marketing and Sales Group –

Five chairs, two centers.

Academic members

Academic members
of the Marketing and Sales Group.

Group speaker

Walter Herzog

Chair of Market Research
+49 (0)261 6509 770

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Full professors

Martin Fassnacht

The Chair of Strategy and Marketing
+49 (0)211 44709 441

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Christian Schlereth

Chair of Digital Marketing
+49 (0)261 6509 455

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Tillmann Wagner

Chair of Service Psychology
+49 (0)261 6509 790

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Assistant professors

Assistant Professor
Anna-Karina Schmitz

Henkel Center for Consumer Goods

+49 (0)261 6509 763
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Apl. professor

Apl. Professor
Tim Oliver Brexendorf

Apl. Professorship of Marketing
+49 (0)211 44709 760

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of the Marketing and Sales Group.

We strive for publications in high-quality international research journals and for an active presence in the scientific community. The foundations of our research are:

  • A thorough methodological education of our doctoral students,
  • the research seminars in marketing & sales,
  • a very well-equipped library with literature and financial database,
  • the WHU behavioral lab.

A thorough methodological training is the foundation of an excellent dissertation. Each doctoral candidate may choose from a variety of courses according to his or her individual needs and schedule. Two types of courses are offered:

General methodological courses across all academic groups:

  • Executing experimental methods with a focus on discrete choice experiments
  • Data Analytics
  • Advanced Econometrics
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • Causal Inference
  • Conducting Quantitative Research in Management Studies
  • Contract Theory
  • Publishing Scholarly Research

Research seminars:

Researchers from various disciplines regularly present their results on the WHU campus. These seminars are open to the entire WHU research community and provide an opportunity to get to know other areas of business and economics research, their methodological basis and current theoretical developments.


Business Engagement & Executive Education –
A competent partner for companies.

We work to be a competent partner for companies and to support them by modern value-based marketing and sales methods. Among our many bridges between academia and managerial practice are:

  • integration of guest lectures and real-life cases into our courses,
  • Consulting, lectures, and training by WHU professors in companies,
  • joint research projects and case studies.

The websites of the individual marketing and sales chairs and marketing centers provide more detailed information on their exchange with corporate partners.


of the marketing and sales courses.

Marketing contains the word “market”. Markets are not abstract curves in a diagram – they are made by people. The entire economy is based on simple acts of one person buying and another person selling. Marketing and sales is the doctrine of buying and selling. It is a fascinating discipline that combines psychology and economics.

The essence of business is to connect with customers, to create value for customers, and to claim value from customers. While several functions of the firm create value for customers, marketing & sales are the key functions that connect with customers and claim value from the customers. This makes marketing and sales knowledge the key to any business career.

The marketing and sales faculty is committed to our students’ fitness for business, not only for administration. Compared with other curricula, WHU offers three key benefits: 1) managerially relevant, up-to-date content, 2) experiential, active learning methods, 3) a choice of modules for pricing and sales, the two most neglected marketing instruments.

The chairs of the WHU Marketing and Sales Group have carefully aligned the content of our courses in order to offer to our students a consistent and coherent marketing and sales education. 

Visit our Online Course Guide to get an overview of the courses we offer in all programs at WHU.

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