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The Chair of Market Research is one of five chairs within the marketing department at WHU, which also includes the Henkel Center for Consumer Goods. Our primary research interests lie at the intersection of management and consumer psychology. In particular, we are interested in social inference processes (e.g., how do executives predict consumer preferences and interpret market data?) and social influence strategies (e.g., how can executives shape the preferences of consumers and employees?). 

Moreover, we conduct research on psychometric methods, including measurement theory and causal inference. Our research has appeared in academic journals (e.g., Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Marketing) and has been featured in the business press (e.g., Harvard Business Review, Financial Times). We teach courses on quantitative methods in the MSc and PhD program and have received several awards for our courses at WHU.

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Professor Walter Herzog


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Katharina Weiss

Personal Assistant

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Dr. Christopher Beisecker

Consultant McKinsey & Company
Frankfurt a. M.

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Dr. Kristina Schmidt

Assistant Professor in Marketing Aston Business School

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Dr. Bettina Bielesch-Zwiener

Chief of Staff BMD Animal Health Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH

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Dr. Marion Stadler

Steuerkanzlei Stadler

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Selected research

Hattula, J. D., Herzog, W., & Dhar, R. (2023). The impact of touchscreen devices on consumers’ choice confidence and purchase likelihood. Marketing Letters, 34(1), 35-53.

Herzog, W., Hattula, J. D., & Dahl, D. W. (2021). Marketers project their personal preferences onto consumers: Overcoming the threat of egocentric decision making. Journal of Marketing Research, 58(3), 456-475.

Troebs, C.-C., Wagner, T., & Herzog, W. (2021). Do customer discounts affect frontline employees? Journal of Service Research, 24(3), 390-404.

Dahm, M., Wentzel, D., Herzog, W., & Wiecek, A. (2018). Breathing down your neck! The impact of queues on customers using a retail service. Journal of Retailing, 94(2), 217-230. 

Hattula, J. D., Herzog, W., Dahl, D. W., & Reinecke, S. (2015). Managerial empathy facilitates egocentric predictions of consumer preferences. Journal of Marketing Research, 52(2), 235-252.

Hattula, J. D., Herzog, W., Dahl, D. W., & Reinecke, S. (2012). When empathic managers become consumers: A self-referential bias. Advances in Consumer Research, 40.

Herzog, W. (2011). Perception-specific average causal effects: Implications for experimental consumer research. Advances in Consumer Research, 39.

Herzog, W., & Hammerschmidt, M. (2010). Mere proactivity effects of sales-related service offerings: A field experiment. Advances in Consumer Research, 38.

Morhart, F. M., Herzog, W., & Tomczak, T. (2009). Brand-specific leadership: Turning employees into brand champions. Journal of Marketing, 73(5), 122-142.

Herzog, W., & Boomsma, A. (2009). Small-sample robust estimators of noncentrality-based and incremental model fit. Structural Equation Modeling, 16(1), 1-27.

Morhart, F. M., Henkel, S., & Herzog, W. (2008). Collecting hidden consumer data online: Research on homosexuals. Journal of Advertising Research, 48(2), 247-254.

Herzog, W., Boomsma, A., & Reinecke, S. (2007). The model-size effect on traditional and modified tests of covariance structures. Structural Equation Modeling, 14(3), 361-390.


Boomsma, A., & Herzog, W. (2013). R function swain: Correcting structural equation model fit statistics and indexes under small-sample and/or large-model conditions (Version 1.2).

Download of the R function: link
Download of the PDF documentation: pdf

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