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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

  • In Praxi – WHU Alumni Association is a supportive, loyal and trustworthy partner for WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management. The association’s main interest is to foster the school’s development.
  • In Praxi is convinced that supporting WHU means supporting all its members and peers, namely faculty and employees, students, and alumni. All three together form what we call WHU.
  • In Praxi supports WHU ideationally and financially, with the latter being an important but nowhere the exclusive form of support.
  • In Praxi is and will remain an independent institution with close ties to WHU. In Praxi is convinced that its independency is the long-term basis for an extraordinary successful cooperation with WHU.
  • In Praxi acknowledges that supporting its members professionally, ideationally and socially is an equally important target.
  • In Praxi supports the trusting contact among its members – with regard to both personal and professional aspects. To achieve this goal, In Praxi provides the basis for a continuous and structured communication in form of an informative web-platform and a multitude of events.
  • In Praxi expects an attitude of responsibility and integrity from itself, all its members and partners.
WHU Alumni

WHU Alumni - In Praxi Members

In Praxi has more than 6,000 members from all WHU programs and WHU classes. More than 90 percent of all graduates become In Praxi member and thus benefit from the internationally branched In Praxi network. In Praxi is represented on all continents through its regional chapters. With each WHU graduating class, the In Praxi network grows both quantitatively and qualitatively due to the diversity of the members' personal backgrounds and the career paths they have chosen. In addition, the internationality of the members is constantly increasing. Due to the graduates of the Kellogg-WHU Executive MBA program and the graduates of the WHU MBA programs, In Praxi experiences a significant increase of members with several years of professional experience. In addition, the (E)MBA graduates contribute know-how and perspectives from professions beyond the purely business administration programs.

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To date, In Praxi’s network combines more than 6,000 members living and working all over the world. Combining each members’ educational and professional experience, In Praxi has created a resourceful network of highly-skilled, knowledgeable business professionals.

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Cooperation with Alumni Clubs

As a result of the Bucerius/WHU Master of Law and Business – Joachim Herz Program (MLB), which was conducted in both Vallendar and at the Bucerius Law School in Hamburg, In Praxi cooperates closely with the Bucerius Law School Alumni Association (MLB classes 2007-2014).

Graduates from this program had the opportunity to be members of both alumni associations.

Find out more information about the Bucerius Law School Alumni Association

DACH-Verband der Alumni-Organisationen an Hochschulen

At the 24th Alumni clubs Conference at the University of Würzburg, In Praxi received the shared first prize as best alumni association "Premium D-A-CH" 2019.

Find out more about alumni-clubs.net

In Praxi Global Network

In Praxi Global Network

In more than 30 In Praxi Regional Chapters worldwide, alumni can locate and connect with other WHU graduates – often across boundaries of different degree programs, graduating classes, and career tracks. Social activities for the entire family are supplemented by fun and lecture events, company visits and numerous “Stammtische”.

The regional chapter gatherings also offer an opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions about the strategy and new developments of the university. University representatives are often directly present in the In Praxi Regional Chapters when they include visits around the world in their travel plans. Furthermore, the In Praxi Regional Chapters provide a valuable point of first contact for alumni and WHU students who are moving to a new country or region.


Marina Weßler

+49 (0)261 921396 06
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Lars Gründer (BSc 2021)
A-T Schneider (EMBA 2020)

Vladimir Diring (BSc 2015)
Kai Grünenwald (D 2005) 
Maximilian Charlet (BSc 2015, Promotion 2021)

Inez von Weitershausen (MLB 2010)
Alexander Rausch (BSc 2012)

Florian Hoppen (BSc 2013)

Michael Ernst Löschner (BSc 2018) 
Lukas Klasen (BSc 2018)

Freya Oehle (BSc 2011, MSc 2013 ) 
Tobias Temmen (EMBA 2018)

Dennis Zeiler (BSc 2014, MSc 2016, P 2021)

Björn Simon (PTMBA 2020)
Ilja Immermann (PTMBA 2020)

Frank Hinnersen (EMBA 2002)
Tatjana Schmidt (D 2007)
Milos Djurdjevic (BSc 2014) 
Manfred Yuan (BSc 2012)

Franz-Josef Abs (D 1990)
Dr. Stefan Gossens (EMBA 2013)

Frank Hippen (D 1992)
Niels Kokkeel (BSc 2010)

Oliver Rupps (D 1990)
Dr. Andreas Kirchkamp (D 2002)
Dr. Thomas Schneider (EMBA 2004)

Sabina Schnelle (D 2003)
Daniel Lohrmann (BSc 2012, MSc 2016)

Christian Schmied (MSc 2017)

Dr. Andreas Schroeter (D 2001, Promotion 2006)

Ekkehard Rathgeber (D 1991)

Tobias Doeringer (Friend)

Louisa Wörle (BSc 2017)
Teresa Scholz (BSc 2018)

Wojciech Baginski (EMBA 2017)
Dr. Marcus Erken (BSc 2011, MSc 2013)

Stefan Bürkle (D 1995)

Christian Vorbeck (EMBA 2003)

Alon Saposhnik (MLB 2011)

Freya Oehl (BSc 2017)
André Löhden (BSc 2017)

Jorge-Alberto Yarte-Sada (EMBA 2009)

Kristin Boehme (D 2008)

Moritz Döring (BSc 2011)
Jannis Koehn (D 2008)

Igor Shapiro (BSc 2014) 
Polina Alexandrova (MSc 2021)

Martin Bahr (D 2002)
CheeHan Ooi (OMBA)

Rolf Endres (D 2005)

Kai Sautter (D 1995)
Norman Kasten (BSc 2011, MSc 2013)
Zoltan Csoke (MSc 2013) 
Sarah Stierle (PTMBA 2018)

Christian Busch (D 2001)

Christoph- Oliver Frehsee (D 2004)
Andreas Breiter (D 2007, Promotion 2010)

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In Praxi Office Team

Michael Welz

Assistant to the Board, General Management & WHU Relations

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Caroline Vaessen

Assistant to the Board, General Management & WHU Relations

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Julia Mach

Events & Communication, Regional Chapters, Lifelong Learning (LLL), Alumni Career Services

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Yvonne Neiser

Publications & Event Management

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Marina Rosenstein

Events & Communication, Regional Chapters, Lifelong Learning (LLL), Alumni Career Services

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Antonina Shynkaruk

Member Care & Administration

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Johanna Kasper

- maternity leave -

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Klaudia Wilde

Alumni Fundraising / Stiftung WHU
Foundation Management
Fundraising Management

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