In Praxi Global Network

In Praxi Global Network

In more than 30 In Praxi Regional Chapters worldwide, alumni can locate and connect with other WHU graduates – often across boundaries of different degree programs, graduating classes, and career tracks. Social activities for the entire family are supplemented by fun and lecture events, company visits and numerous “Stammtische”.

The regional chapter gatherings also offer an opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions about the strategy and new developments of the university. University representatives are often directly present in the In Praxi Regional Chapters when they include visits around the world in their travel plans. Furthermore, the In Praxi Regional Chapters provide a valuable point of first contact for alumni and WHU students who are moving to a new country or region.


Marina Weßler

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Lars Gründer (BSc 2021)
A-T Schneider (EMBA 2020)

Vladimir Diring (BSc 2015)
Kai Grünenwald (D 2005) 
Maximilian Charlet (BSc 2015, Promotion 2021)

Inez von Weitershausen (MLB 2010)
Alexander Rausch (BSc 2012)

Florian Hoppen (BSc 2013)

Michael Ernst Löschner (BSc 2018) 
Lukas Klasen (BSc 2018)

Freya Oehle (BSc 2011, MSc 2013 ) 
Tobias Temmen (EMBA 2018)

Dennis Zeiler (BSc 2014, MSc 2016, P 2021)

Björn Simon (PTMBA 2020)
Ilja Immermann (PTMBA 2020)

Frank Hinnersen (EMBA 2002)
Tatjana Schmidt (D 2007)
Milos Djurdjevic (BSc 2014) 
Manfred Yuan (BSc 2012)

Franz-Josef Abs (D 1990)
Dr. Stefan Gossens (EMBA 2013)

Frank Hippen (D 1992)
Niels Kokkeel (BSc 2010)

Oliver Rupps (D 1990)
Dr. Andreas Kirchkamp (D 2002)
Dr. Thomas Schneider (EMBA 2004)

Sabina Schnelle (D 2003)
Daniel Lohrmann (BSc 2012, MSc 2016)

Christian Schmied (MSc 2017)

Dr. Andreas Schroeter (D 2001, Promotion 2006)

Ekkehard Rathgeber (D 1991)

Tobias Doeringer (Friend)

Louisa Wörle (BSc 2017)
Teresa Scholz (BSc 2018)

Wojciech Baginski (EMBA 2017)
Dr. Marcus Erken (BSc 2011, MSc 2013)

Stefan Bürkle (D 1995)

Christian Vorbeck (EMBA 2003)

Alon Saposhnik (MLB 2011)

Freya Oehl (BSc 2017)
André Löhden (BSc 2017)

Jorge-Alberto Yarte-Sada (EMBA 2009)

Kristin Boehme (D 2008)

Moritz Döring (BSc 2011)
Jannis Koehn (D 2008)

Igor Shapiro (BSc 2014) 
Polina Alexandrova (MSc 2021)

Martin Bahr (D 2002)
CheeHan Ooi (OMBA)

Rolf Endres (D 2005)

Kai Sautter (D 1995)
Norman Kasten (BSc 2011, MSc 2013)
Zoltan Csoke (MSc 2013) 
Sarah Stierle (PTMBA 2018)

Christian Busch (D 2001)

Christoph- Oliver Frehsee (D 2004)
Andreas Breiter (D 2007, Promotion 2010)