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In accordance with WHU’s academic calendar

  • Bachelor and Master students are generally available for internships between May and August. They are mostly seeking internships of 10-12 weeks across all business areas, including management consulting, banking and finance, strategy and business development, operations and supply chain, controlling, entrepreneurship, sales and marketing, and more.
  • Bachelor students must complete one of their internships outside of the German-speaking region, so they are always interested in international opportunities. Many recent graduates are also seeking year-round internship opportunities during their gap year.
  • Master students, depending on their program, may seek voluntary internships in January/February, especially in combination with their master thesis. 
  • MBA students can start full-time positions in August. Alternatively, they may seek voluntary internships starting in August, especially in combination with their Master's thesis.

Internship/Full-Time availability of our students:

Bachelor & Master of Science Programs

  • Full-time availability from May (Bachelor) or August (Master)
  • Mandatory internship between May and August, generally 10-12 weeks

Full-Time MBA Program

  • Full-Time availability from August
  • Internships, preferably in combination with a Master's thesis, from August for three months

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