The WHU European Programs offer students around the world a unique opportunity. Participants have the chance to enjoy an international learning experience which is tailored to their specific interests.

By cooperating with various educational institutions and companies across the continent, we are able to design seminars which truly benefit their professional futures.

Video Testimonials

Our clients say...

Testimonial for the WHU European Program

John H. Mather Executive Director, Master Programs; Teaching Professor of Marketing, Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University

"Our partnership with WHU is excellent. This program experience is required for the Global Enterprise Management elective track in the second year of the MBA program at Tepper. Every facet of the WHU program is planned and executed at the highest level. The professors and course content are current, provocative and relevant. WHU faculty lead company and government agency visits. Also, WHU has initiated an extensive research project concerning global footprint strategy from which results are shared with the students. Weekend trips and activities are coordinated by the WHU administration and are an appreciated bonus for the students. Our students completely endorse the program, and consider the knowledge gained invaluable."

Testimonial for the WHU European Program

Samantha Ortiz, Program Manager, Online MBA Programs, LeBow College of Business, Drexel University

"My visit to WHU as a Drexel University staff member was truly impressive! I traveled to WHU with a group of Drexel University MBA students for an organized international residency hosted and organized by WHU. The students were truly impressed by WHU’s professionalism, quality of delivery and beautiful cultural sites. I would highly recommend WHU as a host for any institution!"

Our participants say...

Testimonial for the WHU European Program

Margery A. Connelly, Ph.D., M.B.A., Scientific Director, Johnson & Johnson, LeBow College of Business, Drexel University

"The overall experience during our residency at WHU last December was unparalleled. The faculty were great and certainly on par with the faculty at Harvard Business School, especially with respect to the enthusiasm with which they imparted the knowledge of their fields of study. It is great the way WHU organized the days so that there was a connection between the subject matter in the morning course work and the afternoon lecture during the field trip to the pharmaceutical company. I thoroughly enjoyed the cultural experiences and learned quite a bit about the similarities and differences between American and German cultures. It was a great experience and I feel very fortunate that Drexel’s LeBow College of Business afforded our MBA cohort the opportunity to experience what it is like to attend a top tier business school in Germany."

Testimonial for the WHU European Program

George Jones, M.B.A. Sourcing Manager, Whirlpool Corporation, Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University

"Spending my last mini-semester abroad at WHU is an academically enriching and amazingly fun way to finish my Tepper MBA. The program is well structured to provide the perfect balance of lecture, case work, relevant corporate visits, and, of course, culture. Visits to Slovakia and Czech Republic help drive home stark differences in economies and growth among Central and Eastern European countries. Lecturing professors are all leaders in their respective fields and are surprisingly down to earth; each taking a genuine interest in our backgrounds, interests and career plans.

Some business schools refer to 'business agility' as a skill you gain in their MBA program; this international experience offers just that. Studying here has shown me that being agile and adaptable is an even greater component to being successful in European business. The program at WHU not only reveals this truth, but gives tools to navigate complex business situations that you will certainly not encounter in the US.

I applaud Dr. Frenkel and the rest of the team for constructing such a unique and well planned program. It has definitely added a new dimension to my MBA experience. I encourage any future Tepper student to take advantage of this opportunity."

Testimonial for the WHU European Program

Amanda Kleinert, Stephen M. Ross School of Business, University of Michigan

"My participation in the European Study Abroad Program was an invaluable experience. In terms of academics, the program introduced me to the structure of business in Europe through engaging classroom lectures and hands-on company visits. Aside from the academic portion of the program, our immersion and interaction with the local culture and people was equally rewarding and worthwhile. This program was truly an amazing opportunity that encouraged me to learn and grow as an individual."