International Student Life at WHU


Location of WHU within Germany and Europe

The Federal Republic of Germany is located in the heart of Europe. Germany is surrounded by nine countries: Denmark to the North, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France to the West, Switzerland and Austria to the South and the Czech Republic and Poland to the East. The country covers an area of 357,050 km² and has a population of about 82 million people (2nd largest in Europe). The capital and largest city is Berlin.

Government Type

Germany is a federal constitutional parliamentary republic and consists of 16 federal states


Most of Germany has a temperate seasonal climate dominated by humid westerly winds. Germany lies between the West winds of the Atlantic Ocean and the continental climate of the east. There is rainfall in every season. During the winter temperatures can drop down to between 5°C (41.0 °F) and -10°C (14.0 °F). The summer temperatures range between 18°C (64.4 °F) and 30°C (86.0 °F).


Germany is the 4th largest economy in the world and the largest economy in the European Union. It is the world's 2nd strongest export nation. German companies have an excellent international reputation and the sign "Made in Germany" stands for quality, innovation and advanced technology.

Official Language

German is the official language spoken in Germany, but many people know foreign languages (English, French, Spanish, etc.)

Time Zone

UTC/GMT + 1 hour

Daylight Saving Time + 1 hour

At WHU, each exchange student is assigned two buddies: a student buddy as well as an academic buddy. This way, we aim to ensure individual guidance for everyone.

Student Buddy

Your student buddy can help you out with all "regular" questions concerning studying at WHU and everyday life (at WHU, in Germany, etc.). They will contact you before the beginning of the semester, so that you can already get in touch via email before your arrival and communicate about possible questions. Your student buddy can show you WHU as well as the city, introduce you to their friends, have coffee together, etc. Your student buddy might be able to pick you up at the train station when you arrive. It is a great opportunity to meet German students and to integrate into the WHU student community!

Academic Buddy

Your academic buddy can guide you as a counsellor with more specific academic questions (concerning literature, etc.) you might have once you started your term at WHU. You will get more information about your academic buddy during your first week at WHU.

Although WHU students face a demanding and tightly packed program of studies, student life is by no means neglected. Many of them take the time to enrich their university life by engaging in one of countless student clubs.

Be it sport, music, art, theater, the stock exchange or social commitments, campus life offers something for everybody.

The enthusiasm with which they pursue common goals, and make dreams and ideas a reality is a manifestation of WHU spirit that is so highly valued by all university groups.

The following initiatives are currently active at the WHU:

  1. Campus for Finance
  2. Campus for Supply Chain Management
  3. Confluentes e.V.
  4. Enactus WHU Vallendar
  5. First Responder
  6. forumWHU
  7. Generations Cup
  8. Music Club
  9. Sports Club (Hochschulsportverein 1985 e.V.)
  10. IdeaLab!
  11. In Vino Veritas
  12. Social democratic ecological Group WHU
  13. University Liberals' Association
  14. Ring of Student Christian Democrats (RCDS)
  15. Saidia Consulting
  16. SensAbility
  17. SmartUp!
  18. TEDxWHU
  19. The Entrepreneurial Group
  20. Theater Workgroup
  21. Vallendar Integration Programm (VIP)
  22. WHU Debating Union
  23. WHU Euromasters
  24. WHU Finance Society e.V.
  25. WHU Golf
  26. WHU Students Help (WHU Studenten helfen e.V.)
  27. Business Meets Tech - The WHU Tech Initiative
  28. Tradity
  29. WHU Euromasters

In order to promote cultural exchange between Vallendar's residents and students, WHU and the city of Vallendar organise an event called Integration@Vallendar every semester. 

"Integration@Vallendar" aimes at facilitating communication between WHU's degree-seeking and exchange students and the people of Vallendar. The aim of the project is to further integrate international students into the WHU community and the city of Vallendar. To this end, WHU and the city of Vallendar work closely together. The evening events are organized with the support of our exchange students.

Each Integration@Vallendar event has a different theme. Past events focused on, amongst others: "Fall into Fall", "Discover Spring", "Let's Get Quizzical", "Living Library", "Meet our International Talents", "Taste the Middle-Rhine Valley", "Rediscover Vallendar at Night" or "Stories in 1001 Languages ".

Wine Festivals

Fall in Germany is characterized by leaves turning from green to red, gold and orange. Simultaneously, the vineyards along the Middle-Rhine, Moselle and Ahr valleys are ready to be harvested which calls for the traditional wine festivals. These are taking place every weekend from August until October, from Cochem to Bonn. 
During Welcome Week, we will be visiting and touring a typical vineyard and taste the local wines.


Fall also calls for the world-famous Oktoberfest in Munich! WHU's student club VIP organizes a trip to Munich to experience this major traditional event first-hand.



Euromasters is THE biggest sport event for business schools in Europe, taking place every year in November. It attracts over 2000 participants from more than 25 European universities and business schools. Participants compete against each other in six different sport disciplines in a sports hall on the Rhine.
Another reason why you can't miss this event: international sponsors and recruiters offer speed dating, a recruiting fair and hundreds of informal chats. Read more

Christmas Markets

The culture of Christmas Markets is something uniquely German. The central squares of cities all over Germany will be filled with wooden huts and ice skating rinks, towns will be decorated with Christmas lights and other seasonal decorations. The huts offer artisanal produce, food and drink and gifts for the holidays. This is THE place to go with fellow Tauschies and students to enjoy a glass of Glühwein (mulled wine).

#WHUexchange and #tauschielife

Join our former Tauschie Alexandra Bechtold from the University of Oregon on a video journey through her exchange semester at WHU!

Study Abroad Ambassadors

Looking for hands-on advice from former exchange students? Ask our Study Abroad Ambassadors!


Info Material for Exchange Students

Looking for more information about exchange at WHU?
You will find our International Student Handbook, and further information, such as slideshows, fact sheets, etc.