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RightNow - founded by Phillip Eischet, Benedikt Quarch, and Torben Antretter.

RightNow is the leading consumer claims purchasing company. Based in Düsseldorf, RightNow’s mission is to revolutionize consumers’ access to justice by purchasing consumer legal claims and paying a large proportion of the claim within 24 hours. As such, RightNow is able to analyze the value and success rates of specific legal claims within seconds. The company was founded in 2017 by Phillip Eischet, Benedikt Quarch, and Torben Antretter. RightNow has more than 350,000 unique customers that regularly use its services.

We founded RightNow based on a real problem we encountered during our lives as travel-enthusiastic students. The impact of people from the outside, the establishment of a valuable team and the personal drive that builds the foundation of our daily work pivoted the idea into what we are today. Looking back on the past three years and the progress we’ve made I’d like to emphasize on three key-takeaways that are broadly applicable:

  1. Share your idea. Entrepreneurs are often shy of telling their business idea as they are afraid of someone stealing it. Don’t make the mistake of building in stealth and miss out on your chance to get valuable feedback. Early feedback is extremely important as it allows you to get user insights and testing your ideas before building a prototype. People bring different perspectives and will help you to spot what is missing, thereby saving you money and time. Apart from that, such “external inspiration” will allow you to innovate your business continuously. If you’re still worried, remember this: ideas are worth nothing without the right execution. Most people won’t care enough to actually copy your idea – but you have the time, energy and commitment to realize your vision.
  2. Find the best talent and invest into it. Your team is the pillar on which the startup is built. Find people that share the same passion, energy and desire to learn. And, find people that are better than you – only that way you will be able to drive the company forward. A startup’s culture is defined by its people. Inspire them to take responsibility and to be an entrepreneur to realize your vision together.
  3. Have fun doing what you do. Steve Jobs once advised: “your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” Don’t start a company for the mean of being a founder. You will only succeed when you truthfully and honestly enjoy what you’re doing, thus seeing the development of your business as a joyful process.

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