Bachelor Students Found FEM - The WHU Female Leadership Initiative

WHU’s newest student initiative for female leadership and empowerment.

Empower, Create, Change. That is the mission of WHU’s newest student initiative, FEM – The WHU Female Leadership Initiative. In a recent interview, Co-founders and General Managers Eva Hohn and Anna Schröder explain the goals and aspirations behind this mission. The two Bachelor students founded the student initiative while pursuing an internship at WHU higher education start-up educaro in Düsseldorf, working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“FEM is a platform to inspire and empower women in their business roles and endeavors. We plan a multifaceted program, following our mission”, Anna explains and goes on to quote Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. “When you look at successful women, they have other women who have supported them - they’ve gotten to where they are because of those women.” To Anna and Eva, this statement confirms the importance of building a sustainable network that supports young women in their talents and ambitions.

Set up to bring together female students and successful women in the business world, FEM. primarily targets female students, but the initiative is open to all genders: “As a first step, we base our membership primarily on students from the Bachelor program who we have worked with on other initiatives over the last half year. From this candidate pool, we will choose a new team. Nevertheless, we look forward to and appreciate the support and experience of students in the Master programs, as well”, Anna states. Eva adds: “It is also essential that both genders will be involved. Every “she” has a “he” and in every “female” there is a “male.” Gender equality only functions together. For us, it is important to find solutions, which both genders can get behind to support and empower. We want to show how a modern society can function.”

The student initiative plans to host several events. The largest event will be a one-day summit in March 2021 with international speakers, designed as a platform for female leadership and empowerment with dialogue and exchange.

Eva and Anna are both students of WHU’s Bachelor in International Business Administration program with a special interest in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Eva chose to study at WHU because “it offers an incredible spirit and many opportunities to develop one’s potential. All the students are very engaged and always motivate each other to give 110% of their potential. That impressed me very much.” Anna adds: “Additionally, Courage and Commitment at WHU is not just flowery speech. The WHU is more than just a university. The mindset and spirit lives through the students and binds them from day one to the university. This is what makes studying at WHU special.”