Bachelor Program

Internships in the WHU Bachelor Program

How the Career Center and community keep the student experience alive.

David, Dominika, Linus

While the pandemic of 2020 prompted WHU to adapt and adjust to the new business environment, 2021 has been focused heavily on evolving. During the WHU Bachelor in International Business Administration, students have been able to continue their studies online with pre-recorded and live lectures, equipped with the latest digital tools to help the programs run seamlessly and offer the same level of WHU quality.

However other aspects were unsure – how could students still find internships? Providing students with key practical experience in real-life situations, internships also allow students to put their knowledge to use and develop their professional networks. Despite the challenges that the pandemic has posed, the Career Center at WHU has helped students to secure internships through virtual career events, job listings, CV counseling sessions, and providing several different ways for bachelor students to connect to the WHU alumni network. We talk to three students to find out why they chose WHU and how they secured internships during such an unpredictable time.

Linus Hansen

Singapore-born Linus started the program in September 2020 and joined a Virtual Founders Career Day organized by the WHU Career Center. Hearing that students in an older cohort had found internships through these events, he attended a few company presentations including one with successful fintech Carl Finance. “It was my first talk of the day and I had a 1:1 with the founder Kurosch Daniel Habibi, an alumnus of WHU. He contacted me after the event and after a few more calls with other colleagues from the company, I was offered an internship.” Linus also participated in the counseling offered by the Career Center, helping him to refine his CV and write a more effective cover letter. “The Career Center was so helpful throughout the process. I hope that the internship will not only offer experience but help me gain orientation for my future career.”

Dominika Szulc

Originally from Poland, Dominika transferred to WHU from LMU Munich in September last year. “I moved to WHU not only for the lectures and knowledge it offers but because of its personal approach to students. I have a supportive peer group and I love being around motivated and driven people. I also don’t think I would have the chance anywhere else to join company presentations and sit at a table with people from McKinsey or Goldman Sachs.”

With some experience behind her from her studies at LMU, Dominika was strategic in finding her internships but utilized the support from the Career Center back in October 2020. “I started with a call with the Career Center for advice and then began researching industries and companies. I applied to a shortlist in January 2021 of roles that fit me 70% - I believe the other 30% can be learned. I was accepted for an internship with EY Germany – one of the ‘big four’ in the country - which was only the second email I sent. I’m excited to put the knowledge I have acquired to the test in the real world and learn some new skills.” 

David Gazarian

18-year-old David from Heilbronn, Germany, also joined the WHU in September 2020 after visiting the campus and being drawn by the community. “The people were so open and friendly,” he says. “It’s the people that really distinguish WHU from other business schools. People help and support each other a lot - the initiative and the drive of students is really impressive.”

After participating in company presentations and events organized by the Career Center, David felt his confidence grew and the process became more natural to him. “WHU helped me to believe in myself - I applied to places I wouldn’t normally have considered before because I thought I didn’t have the skills. But after speaking to the Career Center, they helped me to improve my cover letter and talked to me about my experience. The confidence I gained from those company presentations and interviews helped tremendously. Through my better understanding of the corporate landscape and help from the Career Center, I was able secure an internship with Trade Republic - an innovative brokerage-app and promising start-up”