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"Tradity Meets WHU" Becomes Virtual

Last weekend, from March 21 to 22, the stock market simulation "Tradity meets WHU" had to go online due to COVID-19.

Nevertheless, to the delight of participants and students: Some of them were able to participate in the exciting online lectures and the simulation from home, albeit in a somewhat reduced form, for others the months of organization were not in vain. 

Thanks to the great flexibility of the organizing students, "Tradity meets WHU" was offered this year via the "zoom" platform and was held as a video conference. The first presentation was given by multi-talented Aya Jaff. The German-Iraqi national has made a name for herself as a programmer and start-up founder and has already appeared on the 30 under 30 list of Forbes Magazine in the category "Leadership". In the spirit of "Tradity", she told young people how they can invest their money profitably on the stock market - even with initially smaller amounts. Jaff preferred a more long-term approach rather than day trading and recommended investing in future-oriented industries at an early stage. She also gave the students exciting insights into her own life and in how she was able to achieve success in a wide variety of areas in her early 20s.

The second speaker of the stock exchange simulation was Sebastian Kuhnert. He now lives in Denmark and works at chess24 as CEO and as COO at the Play Magnus Group. In his opinion, the stock exchange and its possibilities are not enough taken advantage of in Europe. Kuhnert thinks it makes sense for most people to at least invest in ETFs, even though he considers shares to be even better. He agreed with the previous speaker that one should have a long breath. Even if, for example, the corona situation should soon promise short-term, quick profits on the stock exchange, investors should not allow themselves to be carried away too much by the euphoria but should weigh things up soberly. In this context, he also pointed out the advantages that mental athletes, for example from chess and poker, do have in times of crisis due to their strategic approaches.

Even though "Tradity meets WHU" could not take place in its full scope this year, the students were able to listen to exciting lectures and gain insights into the world of finance that are otherwise rarely on the agenda in class. The business game made it possible for them to make their first simulated investments and get a taste of the stock market without risk.