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Five Questions to WHUSH

WHU Students help (WHUSH) is a student club of WHU, which sets positive signs with social commitment and various projects.

The board members and the headmistress of the Karl d'Ester Primary School in Vallendar at the official presentation of the donation on September 19, 2019 (f.l.t.r.): Jakob Rennertz, Richard Hänel, Frau von Minding, Benedikt Schneider, and Cynthia Oldehaver.

WHU Students help (WHUSH) is a student club of WHU, which sets positive signs with social commitment and various projects. It accomplishes its goals by doing impactful social projects locally and internationally. Just in time for the annual election of the new board members on September 20, WHUSH talks in an interview about what it stands for as a student club.

Since when does your student club exist and what motivates you?
Since 2004 WHUSH has been committed to exerting a positive impact on society on a social level. As students, we are incredibly grateful to learn new things every day and strive for the best. But since there are also children and young adults who cannot make such experiences, we would like to give something back and take responsibility. That's why we give everything to implement high-impact projects.

Which events and projects do you organize?
In addition to organizing the charity concerts, we have realized several large projects in the last nine months. For example, our computer course at the Vallendar primary school helped fifteen motivated children in three intensive sessions to learn more about Microsoft Office programs. We have expanded this school project and - with the donations from our spring charity concert and the generous support of the 36th year - we were able to donate a total of 2,000 euros to the Karl d'Ester Primary School in Vallendar with which the school will finance the purchase of tablets. Besides, we supported thirty young women of the girls-high-school of Vallendar, with application training in improving their CVs and cover letters.

At the international level, the Indian school, which we supported with over 6,000 Euros in 2018, recently told us what had happened to the donated money since the beginning of the cooperation. With the donation, the school was able to finance education, food, shelter, and medical visits for twelve children for one year. WHUSH has agreed with the school to implement further projects with the Parikrma Humanity Foundation in the future.

You support local projects like the Karl d'Ester primary school in Vallendar with computer courses and computer donations, but also those that are very far away like the project in India. According to which criteria do you choose your projects?
When evaluating project ideas, we consider a variety of criteria. One of the most important decision aspects is the look at our financial and time resources. So we always estimate how much time and money we need to start a project.

Who can become a member, and how can the students get involved?
We are open to students who have great ideas for new (international) projects and want to help shape WHUSH's strategy. And we also invite students who want to carry out projects in a certain direction. Every student who wants to give something back through WHUSH can either apply for the board, which the more than 600 members elect annually (next election on September 20, 2019) or as a project leader.

What are your plans for the future?
As we have grown enormously over the last year, there are many passionate new WHU students today with excellent ideas for the future of WHUSH. But what WHUSH will do is entirely up to the next generation. Stay tuned. We will keep you up to date.

For more information or questions contact WHUSH: whush(at)