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What will change in sport in the new decade

Professor Schmidt in an interview with taz about holograms and e-sports as a mass phenomenon.

taz: Mr. Schmidt, let's start the interview with a scenario: sport in 2029, what could that be like?
Sascha Schmidt: As far as major events are concerned, sport in 2029 looks relatively similar to what it looks like today. What will change is the way people consume them. Today, we are already seeing the first attempts with augmented reality, such as the DFL's 5G project in the stadium of VfL Wolfsburg, where spectators can use an app to access real-time statistics and individual values of players.

How does it work?
Viewers can point their smartphone display in the direction of the game and are then shown, for example, the speed of a striker running towards the goal or his success rate of the last shots on goal. This will be standard in 2029. Sport will be consumed in a completely different way.

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