Chair of Digital Marketing

Guest talk by Thomas Alscheid, Managing Director of WhiteWall Media GmbH

On June 11, Thomas Alscheid, Managing Director of WhiteWall Media GmbH, visited the marketing course of Prof. Schlereth of the Customized Masters Program.

Last friday, Thomas Alscheid, Managing Director of WhiteWall Media GmbH gave an insightful guest lecture on Digital Marketing in a Premium Brand Segment in the customized master program. One important learning was on the role of discounts in the business model. They are like a double-edged sword: They appear as low-hanging fruit to drive short-term revenues; however, in the long run, severely harm businesses and how to avoid this trap. Thomas presentation was followed by a lively discussion. The student were curious to understand this better to see how it would apply to their companies.

A big thank you to, Thomas, for your inspiring session!