Chair of Digital Marketing

Guest talk by Christian Vögle, Deutsche Bahn, and Simon Köpp, theTradeDesk

On March 23/24, Christian Vögle (Head of Business Development) at DB Fernverkehr AG and Simon Köpp (Director of Business Development) at theTradeDesk gave interesting insights during guest lectures in our BSc course "Foundations of Marketing".

Christian Vögle presented the main pillars of Deutsche Bahn's overall strategy and provided insights into the integration of data and digitization in the long-distance transport sector.

Simon Köpp presented the exciting topic of Data Measurement and Consumer Centric Tracking in Digital Marketing - in times of a cookieless world.

On behalf of our team and all participating students, the Chair of Digital Marketing would like to thank Christian Vögle and Simon Köpp for enriching our course with these interesting presentations and thus building the bridge to the relevance of marketing strategy in practice.