Chair of Digital Marketing

Talk by Christian Vögle on the topic "Comprehensive strategy for Deutsche Bahn's long-distance services"

How does the German Bahn steer capacity usage of a train? Is it not a tremendous challenge for the company to manage pressure from politics and profitability goals at the same time? Why is it usually harder to book the special price tickets on Fridays and are the 2 million liter beer, which are served each year, profitable for the company?

These and other questions were discussed during Mr. Christian Vögle's (Head of Business Development) guest lecture from DB Fernverkehr AG on 02/04/2019 as part of the lecture "Foundations of Marketing".

On behalf of our team and our students, the Chair of Digital Marketing would again like to express their appreciation to Mr. Christian Vögle for this excellent presentation and exciting insights from DB Fernverkehr AG!