Chair of Digital Marketing

Participation at the European Marketing Academy Conference (EMAC)

The Chair of Digital Marketing presented a research project at the European Marketing Academy Conference (EMAC) 2022.

Christina Reh, Professor Christian Schlereth, Katharina Lensing, Lukas Schnabl, Roman Antoschin

From Tuesday, May 24 to Friday, May 27, the EMAC – European Marketing Association Conference finally took place physically again in Budapest, Hungary after three years being hosted in a purely virtual setting. In attendance at this year’s event was Professor Christian Schlereth, Christina Reh, and Roman Antoschin. At the conference, Christina Reh presented new research results concerning the impacts of long-term effectiveness on brand equity and sales.

The conference, hosted annually by the EMAC community, was hosted this year by Corvinus University. The Chair of Digital Marketing is grateful for the feedback received at the conference and the inspiration gained from our colleagues’ thoughts. As always, the conference was an exciting opportunity to exchange ideas and meet with likeminded academic chairs.