Chair of Digital Marketing

Top Students Receive In Praxi Outstanding Thesis Award

The In Praxi - WHU Alumni Association awards one Bachelor and one Master thesis, that have the potential to impact both business and society at WHU's annual graduation ceremony.

Already for the 10th time the In Praxi - WHU Alumni Association annually awards one Bachelor and one Master thesis that have the potential to impact both business and society at WHU's graduation ceremony.

In his Bachelor thesis "Digitalization to Foster Climate Protection", supervised at my chair, Hendrik Schülzchen analyzed the extent to which digitalization can contribute against climate change at household level and its acceptance.

Mrs. Walter's Master thesis "Elections 2019: Lessons Learned?", which was written in cooperation with Facebook, examines the formation of political opinions through social media and to what extend the political parties are reorganizing themselves in the wake of Fake News as well as viral campaigns such as Rezo's "Destruction of the CDU".

The Chair of Digital Marketing cordially congratulates Mr. Schülzchen and Mrs. Walter and is proud of their great achievements. A big thank you to the jury of In Praxi for this honour. Thanks also go to Kai Herzberger and Torsten Mueller-Klockmann for the cooperation in the Master thesis as well as Sebastian Hein for his Co-supervision and Simon Köpp for brainstorming the initial idea.