Chair of Economic and Social Policy

Basic Pension For All?: Prof. Dr. Hagist Invited To Discuss On ARD Alpha’s Tagesgespräch

Prof. Hagist guest in the daily talk at ARD alpha.

The Minister for Work wants to make a change. He believes that, after a long life of hard work, millions of low earners should receive a higher government pension than they do now– up to 447 euros more a month. Sounds good at first, but can we afford it? Where will the necessary billions come from, and who will benefit? Finally, is this way of distributing money a rational or sustainable pension policy?

Prof. Dr. Christian Hagist of WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management, a member of the Youth Pension Commission, and the SPD’s Johannes Kahrs, chairman of the Seeheim Circle and budgetary spokesman for the SPD parliamentary group, are invited to discuss on ARD’s Tagesgespräch/Daily Show, presented by Stephanie Heinzeller.

The program can be watched here