Chair of Economic and Social Policy

Call (and Pay) the Midwife

What are mothers willing to pay to ensure the availability of a midwife?

Women in Germany are entitled to midwifery care during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. However, due to the current shortage of midwives, availability is not always given to the desired extent. A discrete choice experiment investigates mothers' preferences to provide policy recommendations on prioritization in times of skilled labour shortage. There is a high willingness to co-pay to ensure the availability of a midwife. Midwifery services are essential for most women, especially during the postpartum period. Online counselling can be a useful supplement to home visits, but not a substitute. The article by Jessica Rheindorf, Prof. Christian Hagist and Prof. Christian Schlereth was published in the International Journal of Nursing Studies.

Rheindorf, J., Hagist, C., & Schlereth, C. (2021). Call (and pay) the midwife: A discrete choice experiment on mothers’ preferences and their willingness to pay for midwifery care. International Journal of Nursing Studies124, 104096.