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Dispute over pension policy - who finances our retirement?

Interview with Prof. Hagist on the pension debate on SWR2.

The agreed pension package secures the pension until 2025 - but the real challenges will only come after the baby boomers' baby boomers retire and have to be financed by fewer and fewer contributors. How long will we have to work in the future? How could private and company pensions be strengthened? And how can a balance between the generations be achieved?

The topics of the programme:

  • The pension compromise - current status. Author: Uwe Lueb, Berlin
  • How is the pension demography-resistant? Interview with Professor Christian Hagist, Beisheim School of Management, Vallendar
  • Pension at 63 - in great demand! Example from Baden-Württemberg. Author: Wolfgang Brauer
  • State pension provision with equity funds - example Sweden. Author: Carsten Schmiester, Stockholm
  • Comment: Pay-as-you-go financing is no longer up to date. Author: Michael Wegmer

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