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Physicians’ preferences for AI-based assistance tools

What are radiologists willing to pay for artificial intelligence‑based assistance tools?

In a recently published article, Philip von Wedel and Professor Christian Hagist evaluated the preferences and willingness to pay for AI-based assistance tools among German radiologists. Design and pricing preferences were elicited in a comprehensive Discrete Choice Experiment. Among other insights, it was established that almost 50% of German radiologists are already relying on AI-based assistance tools. Therefore, AI is not a hype only, but arrived in practice. Radiologists are overall willing to invest in AI-based assistance tools. Development, funding, and research regarding these tools should, however, consider providers’ preferences for features of immediate everyday and economic relevance like time savings to optimize adoption.

von Wedel, P., Hagist, C.: Physicians’ preferences and willingness to pay for artificial intelligence-based assistance tools: a discrete choice experiment among german radiologists. BMC Health Serv Res 22, 398 (2022).

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