Chair of Business Negotiations & Procurement I

Impulse Session at the Henkel Headquarters

As part of a new, digitally delivered format, WHU Professors Lutz Kaufmann and Felix Reimann gathered at the Henkel Headquarters in Düsseldorf to discuss the managerial implications of WHU’s latest research in procurement. Besides CFO Carsten Knobel and CPO Bertrand Conqueret, the session engaged Henkel managers around the globe either in person or online.

The discussions centered on providing insights into topics such as power (over-)use in multi-market setups, dishonesty in B2B-negotiations, and successful psychopaths in procurement. Using latest digital technology, a highly interactive 90min-session provided the Henkel purchasing leadership team at Henkel sites from Singapore via Moscow, Amsterdam and Düsseldorf to many places in the Americas with an exclusive look behind the scenes. These thought-provoking worldwide discussions stimulated practical application on the one hand, and ideas for further disruptive empirical research on the other Hand.

Collaborative empirical research activities are a core element of WHU’s Henkel Center for Consumer Goods (HCCG). Generating, transferring, and implementing research findings and an intensive cooperation in the scope of WHU’s teaching activities lead to a unique and symbiotic partnership between Henkel and WHU.

WHU’s research output in the field of SCM continues for years to be ranked in the Top 10 worldwide – regardless of the underlying ranking methodology used.